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N|Solid 2.2 Lands with More Metrics and Effortless StatsD Integrations

Flagship product, N|Solid, enables users to derive unprecedented insights into their Node.js applications through a rich set of Node-specific metrics. Pleased to announce N|Solid v2.2, which comes with an expanded set of metrics.
                 Enhanced N|Solid StatsD integration makes it easier for users to integrate these metrics with any StatsD compliant metrics platforms. This means users can use their existing workflows to analyse and visualize Node-specific metrics piped from N|Solid. At the same time, users continue to benefit from features that the N|Solid Console already provides, like heap snapshots, CPU profiles, and threshold-based alerting.

New to N|Solid????

If you’ve never tried N|Solid, this is a great time to do so. N|Solid is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the Enterprise. N|Solid provides meaningful insights into the runtime process and the underlying systems.
A few of these insights are in-flight asynchronous event processing, visualizations of key performance metrics, and the monitoring of Node-specific telemetry for a more complete view of application behavior.
N|Solid provides powerful functionality for monitoring Node.js at massive scale across your entire environment. Visualizations spanning hundreds of processes across multiple hosts provide intuitive monitoring of your application performance so you can focus on analyzing performance, not swimming through a sea of data.


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