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Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project- Part 3

Coolors Coolors   is a super fast color scheme generator. You can explore thousands of pre-existing color schemes (each one features five colors). Or, you can generate your own in a matter of minutes. Once you go to the “generate” page, hit the space bar to start with a different color scheme, and then you can adjust each color’s hue, saturation, and brightness accordingly. Web Gradients Web Gradients   is a collection of almost 200 background gradients, created by the  itmeo  team. You can use each of these content backdrops for any part of your website. You’ll find a .PNG version of each gradient, as well as easy-to-copy CSS3 crossbrowser code. Bonus: there are even curated packs for  Sketch  &  Photoshop . Color Hunt On  Color Hunt , browse through countless palettes, comprised of four colors each. You can browse and sort through the list based on what’s hot and popular, or just pick “random” and see what comes up. Create your own and share it on the site.

Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project- Part 2

Skuawk Public Domain Photos “Artistically Loud” images, you’ll find them on  Skuwak Public Domain Photos . This collection is more limited than what you’ll find on some of the other photos sites, but if the aesthetic fits what you’re looking for, this is a hidden gem. Death to Stock Death to Stock   is a simple stock photography resource that is built around “packs” of photos, each of which has a particular theme. Sign up for their email and get packs delivered right to your inbox. You can also sign up for a premium subscription and get access to all 1,500+ photos and videos across the site. Stocksnap The team at  Snappa  created  StockSnap , and the result is thousands of images you can use under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). You can browse by popular searches, or sort through images based on date, trending, views, downloads, and more. Pixabay The quality of photos on  Pixabay  is a bit more hit or miss, but the selection is much larger—you’ll

Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project- Part 1

                              Creating a well-designed site, product, or project usually isn’t cheap. You know you want to make something that looks good–but how do you do it if you’re working with a limited budget? While there’s no substitute for hiring a great designer, there are ways to build something beautiful without spending thousands of dollars—and it starts with the little elements, like getting the font, icons, photos, and colors right. Stock Photography Stock photos and videos are notoriously expensive. While they are super important for making your website, presentations, pitch decks, and sales materials look sharp, few startups can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a limited license image. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament before, here are a handful of sites with free (or cheap) stock photos that are actually captivating and don’t look like you just pulled them from a 90s business brochure Pexels All photos on  Pexels  are free for personal

#PHP 5.6 is now in security fix only mode, which runs until the end of 2018. Plan your upgrades to PHP 7!- The 5th Annual China PHP Conference

Supported Versions Each release branch of PHP is fully supported for two years from its initial stable release. During this period, bugs and security issues that have been reported are fixed and are released in regular point releases. After this two year period of active support, each branch is then supported for an additional year for critical security issues only. Releases during this period are made on an as-needed basis: there may be multiple point releases, or none, depending on the number of reports. Once the three years of support are completed, the branch reaches its end of life and is no longer supported. Currently Supported Versions Branch Initial Release Active Support Until Security Support Until 5.6   * 28 Aug 2014 2 years, 8 months ago 19 Jan 2017 4 months ago 31 Dec 2018 in 1 year, 7 months 7.0 3 Dec 2015 1 year, 5 months ago 3 Dec 2017 in 6 months 3 Dec 2018 in 1 year, 6 months 7.1 1 Dec 2016 5 months ago 1 Dec 2018 in 1 year, 6 months 1 Dec 2019 in 2 ye

IT Employees Raises Red Flags

IT industry has got certain exemptions with respect to termination as it falls under Shops and Establishments Act, which exempts them from following from following the regular procedure of notices and justification for termination.                                                                                                    .....  Report as per  ET

Android Pay launched...

T ap your way to treats with #AndroidPay . Learn more about expanded payment & loyalty experiences. Thousands of apps and millions of stores accept Android Pay, a simpler and more secure mobile payment experience. Android Pay is now available in 10 markets, with more coming soon, including Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan. And in addition to our already announced  Visa and Mastercard  partnerships, soon enable a streamlined mobile checkout experience for PayPal users.       The newest ways to pay with Google As it was announced the Google Payment API, which lets people pay in app or online with any verified credit or debit card saved to their Google Account, via products like Google Play, Chrome and YouTube.  For users, the option to pay with Google means breezing through checkout without needing to remember and type multiple lines of payment details. You simply choose your preferred card, enter a security code or authenticate with your Android device, and check o